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Make friends.  Share what you know

and learn from each other.


AQG Past Presidents

2016 Joan Beall

2017 Dorothy Kerwin

2018 Linda Ganfield

2019 Linda Ganfield

2020 Terry Hodges

2021 Terry Hodges 

2022 Terry Hodges

2022 Sally Mirault-President Elect

2023-2024 Sally Mirault

2023-2024 Linda Ganfield-President Elect


The Alameda Quilt Guild was established in January, 2016, in Alameda, California.  Our guild's mission statement is to make friends, share what you know and learn from each other.
Anyone interested in the art of quiltmaking is welcome.

We hold monthly meetings on the second Thursday of each month from 7:00PM at Trinity Lutheran Church, located at
1323 Central Avenue, Alameda, California.

We offer presentations by speakers on topics in quiltmaking
and textile arts, workshops and lessons, opportunities to share work, community outreach projects and quilters' resources in
a friendly and fun atmosphere.

Please explore our website, and make plans to attend one of
our meetings soon.

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