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Outreach Projects

As part of our "Share what we know" mission statement, guild members are strongly encouraged to create at least one outreach project--a quilt, a fidget quilt, a joy bundle or a pillowcase--or all four if you are so inclined! The next opportunity to donate outreach projects will be the July and November meetings. The projects will be distributed to one of the following organizations: Alameda County Foster Care (which offers support services to foster children from birth to age 18), Midway Women's Shelter (which houses families), or Sutter Health Sutter Care at Home (Hospice). Guidelines for each project are given below.  


Many beautiful quilts are donated each year at the December meeting. Pictured here is the happy recipient of a quilt made by a guild member in 2017. 


• Quilts can be from crib size to twin size and anything in between (many of the recipients will be teens)

• Any combination of fabrics or colors may be used

• Wash all fabrics

• The quilt may be sandwiched (quilt top/ batting/ backing) or a commercially available fleece throw can be used as a backing. 

• The quilt can be tied or machine quilted

• An AQG label should be attached

• Optional: Make a matching pillowcase

Joy Bundles

A joy bundle is an 18" quilted block wrapped around a stuffed animal and tied with a ribbon. 


• Purchase a NEW stuffed animal

• Block should be approximately 18" square 

• Any combination of fabrics or colors may be used

• Wash all fabrics

• The block may be tied or machine quilted

• Swaddle the stuffed animal and tie with a ribbon

• AQG will provide a small ribbon printed with "Alameda Quilt Guild" to be attached as a label.  


Looking for a simple outreach project? Consider making a pillow case. Pillowcase kits (as shown in the picture to the right) can be picked up from the Outreach Coordinator at quilt guild meetings. Kits contain pre-cut fabrics and "burrito" pillowcase instructions. If possible, please return the printed instructions with your completed pillowcase.


If you prefer to use your own fabric, the pattern can also be downloaded at

Pillowcases made from patriotic fabrics are donated to veterans at Sutter Health Sutter Care at Home. This project is supported by a philanthropic gift from Sutter Health Sutter Care at Home and is much appreciated as shown in the photo to the right. 

2019 Veterans Day Photo - Copy.jpg

Fidget Quilts

A fidget quilt is a small, lap-sized blanket that has items attached that can keep hands busy. It provides sensory and tactile stimulation, and often comfort, for those with dementia-related diseases such as Alzheimer's.

Fidget youtube



• Fidget quilts should be approximately 20" X 20"

• Any combination of fabrics or colors may be used. Fabrics that have different textures, such as minky, fake fur, flannel, or denim provide tactile stimulation. Avoid fabrics that are rough or scratchy as these can damage skin.

• Wash all fabrics

• Add embellishments such as: zippers, lace, ribbons, yarn, tassels, buttons, napkin or shower rings, keys and key rings, hair scrunchies.  Please make sure that embellishments are securely fastened


An AQG label should be attached

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