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Alameda Quilt Guild

PO Box 2724
2201 Shoreline Drive
Alameda, California 94501

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Alameda Quilt Guild Board & Volunteers


President:  Sally Mirault
President Elect:  Linda Ganfield
Secretary:  Carol Bernard
Treasurer:  Ruth Hunter
Membership:  Carole King/Susan Correa
Hospitality: Rikki Henneman/Rachelle King
Outreach: Jeanne Heffernan/Helene Young
Workshop/Event Coordinator: Terry Hodges 
Opportunity Quilts:  Kathleen Fennelly
Newsletter:  Dorothy Kerwin
BOM:  Suzanne Duran/Joy Beireis-Molnar
Webmaster:  Bonnie Jacobsen
Zoom: Dorothy Kerwin/Jeanne Heffernan
Facebook: Marge McLean/Kathleen Fennelly
Publicity:  Dorothy Kerwin
Retreat Coordinator: Terry Hodges/2024
Marge McLean/2025                                  
Program/NCQC Reps: Jane Hageman
Guild Photographer: Jennifer Manchester/Diane Simoni

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Meeting Location

Trinity Lutheran Church
1323 Central Avenue
Alameda, California 94501
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